Who Is Your Mentor?

Mentor’s main role is to assist the mentee to become successful. When we look back on our life, we have…
Niklaas Arnaad Möhle
Berlin, Germany

Tradition Trapped in Christianity

When we look around, Christianity and its doctrines have grown around teachings and traditions that are very far away from…
Justin Lowell
Chicago, IL, USA

The Importance of the Breast Milk Called the White Blood from Mother

First, breast milk creates a strong bond between Mother and child. It is also a fundamental source of nutrients.
Christian Raúl Álvarez Saravia

The Value of the New Covenant Hidden in Black Gold

Cars, mobile phones, home appliances, medicines, and daily necessaries are necessaries of our life. Without these, could we sustain our…
K. Vijay DanielㆍK
3rd Mumbai, India

Human Body Testifies to the Existence of Heavenly Mother

Do you know what the basic unit of our body is? It is the cell. The human body is composed…
Sebastián Gabriel Playan

The Resounding Impact of Mother’s Voice

What would be your first option to get rid of the stress? Everybody has their own way to reduce their…
Kevin Clark

Elohim God; the Creators Signature

If something is created, it must have a creator. But it is common for people to deny their creator even…
Jon-Paul Martino
New Windsor, NY, USA

Mitochondrial Inheritance

Through the mitochondria that are only inherited from mothers, genetic alteration is manifested. But it does not mean that mothers…
Elias Caicedo

Mother, the Master Key of the Administration of Our Souls

Every company wants to make a success in administration. To do so, it should consider not only visible matters but…
Jorge Maza Quevedo

The Love of Mother Brings Balance

The earth that was perfect in the beginning is out of balance as the sinners occupy the earth. In order…
Paul Richard Wilcox

The Source of Life in the Universe Is Our Heavenly Mother

Many people today think that life must’ve come from outer space. But we cannot find any source of life out…
August Hugo Kruesi

Veracity of the Existence of God the Mother from Historical and Psychological Points of View

Many civilizations of the world believed that the origin of nature and life is in the mother, and served the…
Carlos Gutierrez